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As many other creators have said, that’s a challenge to create a nice starter house. And I’ve challenged myself to do that.

Now I present you “22 Wayland Street”.

This is a starter house with 2 stories. In the first floor, it has the kitchen and the living room. In the second floor, it has a bedroom with a double bed, one bathroom, and in its hallway there’s a desk, where you can buy a computer when your sim gets more money

This house is perfect for a single sim who wants to, hum, explore the diversity of sims before engaging on a more serious relationship, or for a couple who don’t want kids before getting progress on their careers.


Furnished: 16.328

Unfurnished: 13.389

Size: 10×15

This house needs only basegame (patch 1.57), and it’s CC free.


– If you place this lot on a bigger empty lot, its price will increase, and won’t be a starter anymore. If your world didn’t have a 10×15 empty lot, you’ll need to go to “Edit Town” and place a 10×15 lot on your world, and then place this lot on that one.

Lot Size: 10×15

Lot Price: 16328

Additional Credits:

Armiel for Builder’s Island

All the people who helped me at Creator Feedback Forum (shmovese, simsgal2227, Klaartje, Yogi-Tea, Crowkeeper and tsyokawe), you are awesome (Published on: 2014-06-26 12:00:00)

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