88 Ballanda Road (Fully furnished, No CC, Base-game compatible)

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This is actually a house based off one in my neighborhood. It’s a beautiful Victorian-style farm house complete for any family. Included are a sitting room, game room, hobby room, one master bedroom (with attached bathroom), kid’s rooms, another bathroom.

There’s an included basement that is totally empty and can be turned into pretty much anything you want, as well a small attic-y space with plenty of light for a bedroom, nursery, etc. In addition to that, there’s also one empty room on the ground floor, so plenty of room to expand for a larger family or for a hobby.

The kid’s room is split in half by a half-wall. On on side is a twin bed, on the other a bunk bed.

There’s no CC in this upload, and there are a few items shown from various expansions, but these are by no means required to play the house.

The front yard includes a fully stocked pond, small garden plot, and a bit of land you can do just about anything with.

Lot Size: 40×40

Lot Price: $110,995

Unfurnished: $61,957 (Published on: 2014-06-30 12:00:00)

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