A Dude’s Jacket–Now with Two Versions! Base Game Compatible!

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So one day when going through my game, I saw a top from the Diesel Stuff Pack that I kind of liked–until I turned the sim to the side.

At first I was tempted to forget I’d ever seen such a thing. I mean, what WAS that thing just dangling from the side!? It looked like a carpenter’s apron, but why would you have something like that attached to fashion-forward urbanwear? Then it occurred to me that I might be able to edit it into something usable. So I gave it a go, and now here we are!

Top is an edit of a Diesel Stuff Pack top, scarf is from the Late Night EP, but this top is base game compatible and you will not need either the EP or SP to use it. You will need to be patched to at least 1.63.

Top has three channels and is available in everyday, formal, and outerwear. It is available for random Sims.

Polycounts are 3593 for LOD1, 1704 for LOD2, and 848 for LOD3. All morphs (except pregnancy) are included.

Edit, June 26: Some people requested a version without the scarf–it’s included now. Three channels, 3292 for LOD1, 1606 for LOD2, and 799 for LOD3. One preset.


Polygon Counts:

3593 — LOD1

1704 — LOD2

848 — LOD3

Additional Credits:

CMarNYC’s meshing toolkit–projects like this would be so much harder without it!

TSR Workshop

And everyone who takes time to look and support. You’re the best! (Published on: 2014-06-22 12:00:00)

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