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When visiting the Vault of Antiquity normally, the game randomly selects an occult topic from one of 5 possible options: Ghost, vampire, werewolf, fairy, and witch. However, the game file that determines the options, also have 6 other options that were deprecated during The Sims 3 Supernatural’s development: Gnome, mummy, SimBot, imaginary friend, unicorn, and genie. This mod aims to apply a simple 1-line edit to make those options possible for the game to select.

As a mod that restores cut content verbatim, there are some things to note:

• There are no known crashes or glitches that’d be caused by the restored topics.

The game language must be set to en-US to get any text to show up. If another game language is used, the prompts and choices will be completely blank, though they can still be clicked on and progressed through.

• Rewards for the restored topics that involve elixirs, moodlets, or teddy bears will work correctly, but ones that involve novel books will usually give nothing.

• Only the genie topic was given proper text by the developers, with the other 5 having “placeholder SimbotLoreChoiceStage1 DO NOT TRANSLATE” format prompts, “placeholder SimbotLoreChoiceLogic1 DO NOT TRANSLATE” choices, and “placeholder SimbotLoreChoiceLogicSuccessTns1 DO NOT TRANSLATE” notifications.

• If the text for choices get cut off, it is possible to hover over the choices to see the full text.

———Files modified———

RabbitHoleTextAdventure (GameplayData.package): “2,114,226,254,282” ? “2,114,226,254,282,30,58,86,142,170,198” (“New Topics Only” version: “30,58,86,142,170,198”)


• 12th of July 2023: Initial release. It is unlikely that further updates would become necessary.

———Related content———

Rough list on The Sims Wiki of topic research results.

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