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Mod Description

This mod gives your sims the ability to become an Arms Dealer with consequences such as being arrested, fined and serving a prison sentence


In order for the Arms Dealing mod to work properly you will need to install two other mods Arsil’s Custom Trait Manager and Battery’s C# Script Utility

Also, because the mod does add custom traits and a custom skill. I recommend making a backup save of your beloved games. As deciding to remove this mod after saving in a save can cause problems to that save.

Additionally, make sure you install each package on the zip file. Every firearms and even the Ski masks.


  • Arms Dealing Skill
  • New Interactions
  • New Moodlets
  • New Gun Meshes
  • Jailing System
  • Ski Masks for Males and Females Teens-Elders

Arms Dealing Mod Guide


  • Glock17 – 522
  • Hkp200 – 478
  • EnterpriseWideBody1911 – 430
  • Hecklar & Koch p7m10 – 474
  • Intratec Tec-9 Mini – 818
  • Uzi Pistol – 618
  • Skorpian61 3 – 678
  • Lupara – 626
  • Beretta – 768
  • Compact AK47 – 702
  • Ak47 – 954
  • Female Ski Mask – 3,060
  • Male Ski Mask – 3,060


Since this is a Script mod there should not be any conflicts


This mod was heavily inspired by a sims 4 mod called Basemental Dr*g’s. I loved the idea of having a sim who makes their money by being a dealer and potentially serving a sentence after being caught. Although in my mod the product is focused on Illegal firearms rather than the other type of products. I do want to point out that this mod was an attempt to make something similar to Basemental Dr*g’s. As well as provide some more content to criminal sims.

I also want to give credit to mochasims. As the cover photo to my Arms Dealer mod was also heavily inspired by the cover photo of one of their cc props.


Battery’s C# Script Utility, Script Mod Template Creator, Arsil’s Custom Trait Manager ,Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studios 2019, PhotoShop, Blender, Milkshape, Marvelous Designer, ILSpy, s3pe.

Thank you

  • Twinsimming For Testing and Providing Suggestions
  • Lyralei For assisting when I had a coding question and providing me with head morphs used for the Ski masks
  • Battery For Assisting when I had a coding question.
  • PJSims For Assisting when I had a coding question.
  • zoe22 For Assisting when I had a coding question.

(Published on: 2023-06-10 12:00:00)

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