Base Game Manor – 11br, 6-5ba

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Hello, so I made this big ol’ house because a good ol’ subscriber of mine asked if I knew anyone who has made/would make a house this big and as the big housebuilder that I am, I did just that!

This house only uses one piece of CC and one store item and you could do without both but I’d like to warn ya about them, The small windows are from the store and the shutters are base game shutters separated.

I’ma put the links here.



I made a video for this house so I’m going to shamelessly put the link here as well.

Video Link:

Lot Details:

– Price Unfurnished: $120.576.

– Price furnished: It’s not furnished but somehow it’s $3.000 more??

– Size: 60 x 60

Places/Rooms Around & Inside Of The Manor:

– Kitchen/Dining/Living Area

– Powder Room

– Swimming Pool

– Master Bedroom

– Kids Rooms

– Bathrooms

– 2 Car Garage (Published on: 2022-04-29 12:00:00)

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