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It has always bothered me that NPCs will place a beach towel just anywhere to relax and my beaches or resorts always look so random because you have no control over where they get placed. That is until now.

What does this do? It takes the autonomous out of the Beach Towel. NPCs will not just place a beach towel down. So if you want your pool guests to just use the loungers you set out now they will.

I have made other changes to the towel. They will no longer put up umbrellas or play the radio on their own. Player Sims can still relax, put up an umbrella, and turn on the radio by clicking on the towel.

Sims will also no longer get the bad nights sleep buff if they sleep on the towel!

If you want to still have beach towels your NPCs and player sims can use autonomously install ICARUS buyable beach towels.

I have tested this with ICARUS buyable beach towels and you can place the towels the way you like them, sims will use them autonomously, the will not put up an umbrella or stereo. It makes for a much neater resort or beach!

Note: This will effect the whole world

I placed this and the buyable beach towels in my overrides folder.

If you want to change the Radio or Umbrellas so they will use them Open the BeachTowel_0x13a1b7ff4d8575e7

and change the following using Notepad

<kChanceNPCPutUpUmbrella value=”0″>

(change the 0 to a higher number for a better chance of them putting up an umbrella)

<kChanceNPCTurningOnRadio value=”0″>

(change the 0 to a higher number for a better chance of them turning on the Radio)

XMLs changed:






I have not tested this with Arsil’s Basegame Beach Towel. So I cannot say if it will conflict.

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Island Paradise

(Published on: 2022-03-21 12:00:00)

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