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The hygiene module developed for the Get Out Project will make your Sims even smarter and more responsive indoors! This is because the module adds functionalities never seen before in the franchise (or in some cases, already established). With this module, your Sims will be able to:

-Brush their teeth before going to bed

-Wash their hands before eating or preparing food

-Wash their hands after using the bathroom

However, besides these two improvements, there are several other advantages to using this mod, as it amplifies the behavior of certain traits:

-Neat Sims will have a higher chance of brushing their teeth more than once a day

-Slob and Couch Potato Sims won’t wash the dishes after eating

-Slob Sims won’t put down the toilet seat or flush after using it

-Slob Sims won’t wash their hands before eating or after using the bathroom

-Slob and Couch Potato Sims won’t take out the trash

Other improvements that this mod brings and directly complements the next project that is on the way involve speeding up certain activities:

-Using the toilet will take much less time (before the game it offered a fill of 200, now it will offer 500 which reduces the toilet use time)

-Taking a shower will be considerably faster (includes bathtubs) (before the game it offered a fill of 130, now it will offer 1550 which reduces the taking shower time)

-Washing hands and brushing teeth have had their time reduced (3 to 2 washing hands and 20 to 4 brushing teeths time Length in Sim minutes)

-Checking oneself in the mirror has had its time reduced (10 to 4 time Length in Sim minutes)

Works perfectly well with the other Get Out Project add-ons:

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