Bulge Morph for Singed/Burnt Underwear

Adult Body Shop Clothing Male Mixed Sets


I got another goodie! This time, it’s the morph of the Burnt/Singed undies now modified to include CmarNYC’s bulge morph.

Original EA Preset (only the default burnt preset) with the new bottom morph/mesh from the Front:

Original EA Preset with the new bottom morph/mesh from the Rear:

Channels (only one):

Now it matches CmarNYC’s other undies with their bulge morphs!

I know that this might seem useless to some people, but I prefer to have some continuity or consistency with the morphs across all categories/CAS parts.

There are two versions available, as follows:

  • am bottom shorts_burnt + CmarNYC Bulge_mmaa: Non-default replacement version.
  • am bottom shorts_burnt + CmarNYC Bulge_DR_mmaa: Default replacement version.

Important note (or disclaimer?):

CmarNYC’s policy, which can be found on their profile page, states that others are allowed to use/incorporate their work into new content, with credit!

So, credit goes to you, CmarNYC! Thank you for the incredible bulge morphs!

CmarNYC’s Base Game Bulge morphs, in case anyone’s interested, can be found here: http://sexysims.info/download.php?t=173305

CmarNYC’s Master Suite Bulge morphs, in case anyone’s interested, can be found here: http://sexysims.info/download.php?t=173761

By the way, just as a suggestion (hehe!), these shorts would go very well with any of my Developed Pectoral Muscles shirtless morphs, based on alex_stanton1983’s original male nude top mesh morph, which you can check out at TSR:


These burnt undies with the bulge morph would go very well with my Developed Pecs Morph for the Singed Male Nude Top, available here: https://modthesims.info/d/659963/de…nged-burnt.html

Important note (or disclaimer?):

alex’s last post was in 2011 according to his profile, so I hope he doesn’t mind me using his mesh morph as reference. Credit goes to him!

CASTable (one channel) with EA’s premade preset, available under Singed, which is the original category from the original EA package. Base Game compatible.

This was done using TSRWorkshop, Meshing Toolkit, S3OC and S3PE.

Polygon count:

LOD1 (High): 643 vertices and 984 faces

LOD2 (Medium): 352 vertices and 476 faces

LOD3 (Low): 227 vertices and 283 faces

Tutorial on how to check poly-count in TSRW, for reference: https://sims3tutorialhub.tumblr.com…ounts-of-sims-3

I have tested it in my game and it seems to work fine for now (see screenshots above). However, please feel free to test it out in yours and provide any feedback. Kindly note I’m still not an expert in meshing/morphing; still learning and getting the hang of it…


CmarNYC for their ‘You’ve Got a Package!’ morphs and the Meshing Toolkit.

alex_stanton1983’s for his original morph at TSR

TSR for TSRWorkshop

The creators of S3OC and S3PE.

This tutorial by Lyralei: https://modthesims.info/t/579498

Lyralei’s help and resources over at the Discord and her Tumblr, which is very much appreciated!

And last but not least, enjoy! Share with credits! Feel free to give me feedback in the proper section, for any feedback is appreciated!

Kind regards,

mmaa (Published on: 2023-06-08 12:00:00)

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