Enhanced Mermaids (8/12/22)

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Hi Everyone!

I’m PuddingFace and this is my Enhanced Mermaids mod. This mod adds some new powers for mermaids to use.


Download Enhanced Mermaids.7z and extract using 7zip or WinRAR and place all the files on your mods/packages folder.

The EnhancedMermaids_Strings.7z is For Translation. Use only if you want to translate the mod. It contains a .txt file.


Siren’s song( From Sims 4):- This will mesmerize the sim. And will allow mermaids to command them to do a variety of tasks.

Summon Weather:- Use your command over water to change the weather.

Lightning Strike:- Summon Lightning to strike down a sim. Use it on annoying sims.

Water Healing:- Use water’s blessing to cure many debuffs and ailments.

Blood Boil:- Gives a strong negative moodlet. (I might do more with this in the future).

Summon Sharks:- This is a vanilla interaction only available to evil and mean mermaids but I have unlocked it for all traits.

Trailer Video:-


27/11/22:- Fixed a big with Blood Boil. Thanks Battery for pointing it out.

27/11/22:- Addressed an issue regarding interaction getting added multiple times.


The people behind this document https://docs.google.com/document/d/…jd_DHF7uto/edit helped brainstorm ideas.

My Patrons for their support and motivation. Thank you very much.

OhRudi and jje1000 for helping me with custom sound

denton47 for TS3 sound tool and the tutorial for it.

TheSweetSimmer for giving me the Sims 4 to 3 animation conversion rig.

DruydDark for sending me the Sims 4 to 3 animation conversion tutorial.

Flo Theory for Sims 4 to 3 animation conversion tutorial.

EA and Maxis for Sims 3 S3PE VStudio 2015

Buzzler, NonaMena, CmarNYC for their tutorials.

Helpful mod authors like Chain_Reaction , Lyralei, Battery, Gamefreak130 and many more for help with various problems over the years.

Expansion Packs

Island Paradise

(Published on: 2022-11-24 12:00:00)

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