Evelyn Candice

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This Sim is saved in EA Default Skintone, If you want to make it like the same in the picture,
you’ll have to download the Candied Starfruit Non-default skintone replacement by Kurasoberina.

About Evelyn

Evelyn is a formal young lady at her age she loves to read any kind of books, she also clean her house fully neat.

And sometimes wishes a very big family that she will rely on.



family oriented




Lifetime Wish

Master of the Arts


Music: Indie

Food: Hotdogs

Color: White

To make this sim appear the same in this picture, you must Download the following CC on this sim.

Custom Content Used

Hair: Northern Star Hairstyle – by Cazy

Eyebrows: High Eye Brows Set by Brnt Waffles

Lipstick: Dry Lips by IN3S

Eyes: Default Eyes Autumn Set by Ephemera

Skintone:Candied Starfruit Non-Default Skintone by Kurasoberina

Eyebags:Eyebag V3 by Tifa

Eyelashes: Eye Lashes Set 2 by S-Club

Formal Dress: Serene Breeze by Anubis

*By the way the freckles in her face is in the game not a CC.

Slider Used

Eyebrows Slider: Outer Brow Slider by Brnt Waffles

Facial Sliders: Ahmad

Cleft Chin:TumTum

Upper Lip Corner Shape: Voices

Upper Lip Thin Lower: YSstudio

*The rest of her clothes are from various EPs/SPs.
*note that IN3S website is no longer active,so THIS link shows her/his remaining stuffs you can download it there credits to IN3S.

Additional Credits:

Thanks to all people who give me tips on how to make a sim. Credits to all CC that I used. (Published on: 2014-06-10 12:00:00)

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