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Hey everyone!

A few days ago I was creating a new Sim to play with and I wanted her to have this glamorous life. I eventually got the idea to replace the original soundtrack with fashion music to fit the aesthetic I’m going for, hence this mod you see here today It’s mostly instrumental house music, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to have that fashion vibe into their game.

Mod description:

This is a default music replacement mod which will replace the following:

  • Build/Buy mode music
  • CAS music
  • Main Theme/Loading music
  • Map/Edit Town music



Extract the .rar file(s) and place the package(s) into your Mods/Packages folder.


If you have your “Mods” folder and/or your “The Sims 3” folder junction linked, you’ll most likely experience a loud chirp at the end of certain songs and sometimes even crashing — random songs will be affected at different times. To fix this you need to remove the junction link.

I originally had my “The Sims 3” folder in “C:Program Files (x86)” and it caused the issues I mentioned above. I ended up just reinstalling my entire game to “C:Program Files (x86)Electronic Arts” and that solved all the issues for me. There are tutorials out there on how to move your Sims 3 folders if you don’t feel like reinstalling everything.


This mod will conflict with other default music replacements for Build/Buy, CAS, Main Theme/Loading and Map/Edit Town.


This mod is base game compatible and should work with any game version.

Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
Flyby, Wojtek and nitromon for their tutorials.
Made using s3pe, EA Layer 3, Audacity, HxD and Vegas Pro 16.
(Published on: 2021-11-07 12:00:00)

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Attached Files:

File Name Download Count Download Button
Sheepyk_MusicReplacement_Fashion_MapEditTown.rar 2 Download
Sheepyk_MusicReplacement_Fashion_AllinOne.rar 2 Download
Sheepyk_MusicReplacement_Fashion_MainThemeLoading.rar 2 Download
Sheepyk_MusicReplacement_Fashion_CAS.rar 4 Download
Sheepyk_MusicReplacement_Fashion_BuildBuy.rar 2 Download

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