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An extra fluffy horse that will probably give you diabetes :3

His coat colouration is Brunblakk, the most common colour to appear on a Fjord’s Coat, I’m thinking about making the four other colours sometime soon so stick around a bit!

Traits: Nervous, Untrained, Fast

Backstory: This just kicked out of the herd stallion has been wandering around with a bachelor herd in the northern glaciers for a while now, perhaps your sim can capture and break him in..

Note: I actually created this little guy on accident when I was bored, he makes for good stories and, I know I should be taking this seriously but, the glitches he had due to his custom sliders are hilarious, but don’t panic because they can easily be fixed by resetting him.

Additional Credits:

thanks to ShoreLineHillStables for Leg Length Slider http://shorelinehillstables.blogspo…/downloads.html

corapntr for the eyes

bongo for horse size slider…-60cm-to-20-2hh

LakeSideSaddlery for the pretty tack and HD coat

OldFellowRanch for the poses and the plastic EA shine

Bongo again for the Draft neck slider…t-actually-make

and Cmomoney for the poseplayer (pictures)

This is a more subcategory for his tack and Coat…in-dressage-pad his saddle pad…s/hd-horse-coat and the HD texture his mane…ge-tail-frosted – his frosted mane

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(Published on: 2014-06-23 12:00:00)

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