Fix: Bass needs less Space for playing

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  • with this mod, your sims need a quarter of the space for playing the bass instrument
  • The Late Night Expansion Pack is required for this to work
  • Installation: just put the file in your packages-folder, the usual way, nothing special required
  • Conflicts: highly unlikely, see below for detail

Hey Simmers,

it’s a BIG day for Rudi again, time for my second mod.

I Recently placed instruments close to each other and got confronted with one of sims most annoying problems: the routing.

The Game didn’t allow my sims to play their instruments together even in a normal sized room.

But, no more! With this mod, your Bonehilda, the university mascot and even servo can jam together

in your tight living room, with no restrictions, issues, whatsoever!


just put the file in your packages-folder, the usual way, nothing special required.

Where can I find …

The piano from the image

Servo, I love Servo from Sims 2 (a CAS-Set for Plumbots)

Servo, but for humans (a CAS-Set for Normies)

– Bonehilda is part of Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack

– The Mascot is part of Sims 3 University Expansion Pack

Technical Details

– this mod edits the “playForTipsJigBass_jig”, instance 0x885034086D7B3522

– Conflicts: only if you have a mod installed who’s editing exactly this resource as well, but I assume that’s highly unlikely

I dearly hope you enjoy your new freedom to play bass anywhere you like.

Additional Credits:



My dear and near Bonehilda

The university Mascot for letting me abduct him

Servo for cleaning my sims mess … daily

@you-will-never-find-me-anymore for letting me use her Bonehilda for my awesome profile picture

AND to this awesome and still alive community of simmers ^^

Expansion Packs

Late Night

(Published on: 2022-10-06 12:00:00)

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