Give a Gift with Less Relationship required (Tuning)

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Give a Gift with Less Relationship required (Tuning) by Simmer Zozo

Compatible with 1.67

This is a basic Tuning Mod that edits the: Sim+GiveGiftTuning XML

Sims NO longer need to be friends to “Give Gifts” to another Sim, they can barely be Acquaintances to give a gift! This is because I am lazy to be friends with them but I want to give them something

EA Defaults are:

kLTRToAcceptGift value=”40″

kLTRToSuperAcceptGift value=”90″

Simmer Zozo Edits are:

kLTRToAcceptGift value=”10″

kLTRToSuperAcceptGift value=”20″

If They are too LOW for you, you can change the numbers yourself! (Published on: 2022-03-01 12:00:00)

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