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This is a very modern apartment made for city living. You won’t find a garage here, but you do have a warm, clean and cozy modern apartment with all the needs for modern living. It has 2 kids bedrooms, one of them a bit girly perhaps. The master bedroom has it’s own bathroom, the kids will have to go downstairs.

The main room is open plan with the bathrooms and bedrooms upstairs. Half of the main room is open to the second floor.

The house contains 10 apartments all together, but after university you can only have 8 tenants as far as I know. That means 2 apartments will probably be uninhabited. I chose not to change the layout because it will add to the cost of the active family apartment. You may use the code listed below and change that if you like.

It looks like I built it too close to the edge of the lot on the packagefile. I don’t know how I could place those corner piezes from Buffsumm so far out in the master bedroom, but I couldn’t do the same when I reinstalled it. You can just do as I did here and use the straight windows instead, you won’t be that close to the edge that way and won’t need a corner window.

To do changes to these apartment buildings you need to use the cheat “restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false” and set to true when you’re finished. Usually you can just press ctrl+shift+C and a blue line to write on appears at the top in your screen in the game. Use the cheat when you’re in build or buy mode, it will give you the grid as usual.


Guiseppe’s Condo S3P file: I have provided you with two files, if you don’t know what a package file is download the S3P file. It’s just a normal sims3pack to be installed with the launcher. It contains all you need to get the house I have posted pictures of.

Guiseppe’s Condominium: the package file has no extra name on it, you need to download what you want from the list below if you choose to do it this way. If you choose to download the kitchen, just reset the counters by picking them up, as I used package files on those as well. Kitchen counters has to be sims3pack to work and look right.

Extra Downloads

Obrazy XL, Last dance, top three pictures in a set: http://mylittlethesims3world.blogsp…/obrazy-xl.html

After making this video I painted the ceiling, it makes it a bit warmer I haven’t used any cfe on these apartment buildings.

Prices unfurnished 7558,- furnished 57k.

Lot Size: 20×40

Lot Price: see above

Custom Content Included:

– Skew-Whiff – Fence4 by Buffsumm

– Skew-Whiff – Fence2 by Buffsumm

– Decorative Wood Patterns, 56H by ung999

– Ung999 – Pattern_Stone 25 by ung999

– Simple Wood 07 Horizontal by Flovv

– Pattern – Brick 19 by ung999

– Skew-Whiff corner by Buffsumm

– Decorative Wood Patterns, 56H by ung999

– Ung999 – Pattern_Abstract 98 by ung999

– Metal 06 by Zhaana

– Skew-Whiff cornerFWtoL by Buffsumm

– Pattern – Stucco 05 by ung999

– Abstract Patterns Set 06, curvy 2color by ung999

– Pattern – Abstract 46 by ung999

– Pattern – Wood 41 (Vertical Textures) by ung999

– Skew whiff middle FW by Buffsumm

– Skew whiff corner FWr by Buffsumm

– Skew whiff window FC by Buffsumm

– Skew-Whiff door 5 by Buffsumm

– Skew whiff window SC by Buffsumm

– Skew-Whiff door 2 by Buffsumm

– The path through the glass ceiling, stairs by Gosik

– The path through the glass ceiling, railing by Gosik

– counter 03 by ung999

– Nolte dining counter by jomsims

– Nolte stool dining by jomsims

– Nexoria addon blinds fl by Buffsumm

– Nexoria addon blinds third by Buffsumm

– Samarium sofa 3×1 by wondymoon

– Samarium sofa 2×1 by wondymoon

– Samarium pillows 6pcs by wondymoon

– Samarium pillows 2pcs by wondymoon

– PSModern&Chic rug XIV by Pralinesims

– coffee table 11 by ung999

– Samarium TV unit II by wondymoon

– Samarium TV by wondymoon

– Nolte Bamboo table plant by jomsims

– Keepcalmrug1 by Devirose

– Endtable 13 by ung999

– Rhodium Dresser by wondymoon

– Adonia table lamp by sim-man123

– Samarium ceiling lamp by wondymoon

– Rhodium Desk by wondymoon

– Floorlampflowers by ShinoKCR

– ArtforLiving armchair by Deeiutza

– Osmium Endtable by wondymoon

– Nolte light ceiling for wall structure by jomsims

– Nolte simple counter by jomsims

– Golden wood double bed by Flovv

– PSContemporary carpet 49 by Pralinesims

– Osmium Painting by wondymoon

– PSAbstractwallVIII by Pralinesims

– Ailie Kitchen ceiling light by Spacesims

– Mono ceiling light by Murano

– Carmel bedroom bed by Angela

– Golden wood left high cabinet by Flovv

– Osmium Dresser by wondymoon

– Carmel bedroom wall deco by Angela

– Keepcalmrug 5 by Devirose

– Painting Gingco by ung999

– Barstool 03 by ung999

– Counterisland 02 by ung999

– Cabinet 02 by ung999

– Mono cupboard 4 by Murano

– Mono cupboard 1 by Murano

– Stove 02 by ung999

– Lighting wall lamp 05 by ung999

– Skew-whiff cornerFWI by Buffsumm

– Pattern – Wood 43 (Vertical Textures) by ung999

– Pattern – Wood 11 (Horizontal Textures) by ung999

– Golden wood wall lamp by Flovv

– Pattern – Wood 11 (Vertical Textures) by ung999 (Published on: 2014-06-22 12:00:00)

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