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Mod Description

I’ve always disliked how round the harvestable trees are in Sims 3. In my opinion, the fruit trees (a.k.a. ambrosial trees) from The Sims 2: Seasons look much more realistic, so I converted the mesh and made a default replacement!

Place this package file in your Overrides folder.



  • The tree now has proper growth states thanks to CardinalSims!!

Mesh Details

There aren’t any growth states between planted and mature, but there are proper textures for Fall, Winter, Wilted, Dead, and the Money Tree.

The mesh itself has 1794 Vertices and 1903 Faces.


Conflicts with any other mod that edits the mesh or texture of the harvestable tree.


Meshes by EA/Maxis, The Sims 2, SimPE, TSRW, Blender, Milkshape, and Gimp.

Thank You

To CardinalSims for UV mapping the existing growth states to my new texture! (Published on: 2023-05-07 12:00:00)

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