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***Please see end of post for specifics on EP requirements***

Hey all, how you doin?! This time when I was creating a house, I thought of an idea not to just make another modern, but one with a twist.

I saw a set on the sims 3 store that involved the aging of a house, so that in gameplay it would look older. Or something. I didn’t look at it too much as I’m not into Victorian style houses (as if you didn’t know!). But it made me think of the goth house and some other victorian houses that have graves, so I thought, hey, I could make a lot with graves in my style, it would just have to be from the future . But then, I wanted it to be in modern day. So using my witch sim, I made up a little story about my house. And there are two graves in this house, with actual sims (without cc that I killed off with master controller).

All their clothes and hair are from ITF, aside from the old man’s formal (as it lacked formal for old men in ITF). It’s worth checking out their ghosts, as I actually took my sim into the future and killed off two of his descendants.

I will leave the story in a spoiler, but I very much reccomend reading it .

Now as for the house….

It has of course the graveyard and a hot tub as well. You can see the pool easily enough.

The second floor also has a plumbot building room with a time portal. In addition, there is a gym and study room. There is only two bedrooms because of this, but the kids room has three beds.

I had some fun with a garden in the basement. It has an ‘ITF look’ I think. I tested to make sure sims can work in it and such. You can easily make the room larger. If you want to plant some plants minimizing cheating, you can plant them outside, then using moveobjects on, put it in the basement.

Okay, now for the super story…

I uploaded Mark tonight as well here. You can read more of his story there, as well as see him.

**I’m sorry, but the graves actually aren’t quite as pictured. They’re regular graves. It was either regular with actual sims, or buydebug future graves without ghosts, I chose the former. Basically sims from the future are the only ones that get the future graves, and though my sim went to the future to kill off the sims, apparently master controller doesn’t deal with future graves.**

Lot Price:

Furnished: 335,281

Unfurnished: 155,257

Custom Content NOT Included:

Modern Line Windows Set (by hudy777DeSign)


Mandatory: ITF (obviously)

Kind of needed:

Showtime- some wallpapers, including that on the acutal house. a few sculptures, power max excercise chin up thing

Supernatural- goes with the story, with one of the sims graves dead from a jelly bean bush, which is also in the bush, along with the ghost gnome . However, the only furniture item used is the rocking chair. It also uses a bush.


world adventures (a plant outside not used much)

ambitions (a tree used twice, a few lights, minor wallpaper, cieling color)

Island Paradise: (shell in pool, slide, a few wallpapers, a sculpture)

Late night- fish tank, a sink, a painting, a few chandelier lights

Seasons- a few lights

University- tennis table

generations- the sci fi treehouse

HELS- the living room furniture

As you can see, I tried to use just ITF, but doing only that is difficult!

Lot Size: 40×40

Lot Price: in description

Thanks so much to shmovese over at CFF that helped me figure out the grave part of this upload .

Expansion Packs

Into the Future

(Published on: 2014-06-05 12:00:00)

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