Lace&Bow Dress [YA/A]

Adult Body Shop Clothing Everyday Male

! My laptop doesn’t load full res textures outside of CAS, so all previews (except for the CAS one) are lower quality than what you’re gonna see in your game. My friends have tested this outfit on their machines, and it looks fine for them.

Known issues:

• wonky fat morph (as per usual)

• fingers clipping through the skirt (I used the widest bone deltas in the game and spent two months looking for a way to make them even wider. I give up)

• skirt clipping through everything because it’s so wide (EAxis dresses have this problem too, so.. maxis match?)

YA/A, male only. Available for everyday, formal and career. Not valid for random or maternity.

LOD1: 5715

LOD2: 2857

LOD3: 1427

Additional credits:

Thanks to JustMiha97 for helping me edit the normal map and making the full res CAS screenshot

Preview poses by k2m1too: On Display, Make a Stand and Audrey (Published on: 2022-10-06 12:00:00)

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