Legacy Manor (NoCC) – 2 versions

Lots & Housing Residential

Family house focused on legacy players needs.

Built and tested in game about a year ago (patch 1.55), inspired by tree branch.


As I am legacy player myself, I can tell what we legacy players need, and it would be:

  • Room for big family of different ages, their guests, pets and a butler. Therefore there are: 5 bedrooms of different sizes, 3 bathrooms + outdoor shower, cat’s corner, dog’s house, dining area for 8+2 sims, butler’s house.
  • Different activities for different ages, seasons and tastes. Therefore there are: play area for children and toddlers, TV, bar and fireplace in living room, book corner, sauna, massage table, drawing desk, garden, sandbox and swing for children, pool with springboard and waterfall.
  • Layout providing lack of foot stomping. Taking into account sims’ beloved stuck places – doorways, stairs and dining tables – I did my best to minimize their harm: there is no foundation (to avoid porches and stairs), there is open space layout in common areas and columns here and there for faking archways without actual arches.
  • Absence of paparazzi and zombies on our property. There is a fence for this purpose. (And bushes.)
  • And we want it all not to be huge and laggy. So it is 2-story house on 20×30 lot.
  • Price – no matter, if you ask me, but anyways: 179.489 simoleons for full pleasure or 95.097 without furniture. (For MIN version it would be 176.539 / 94.887.)

Note: If your legacy needs are different than mine,
I am not taking responsibility for any inconvenience feel free to adjust and redo whatever you want (:

2 versions available:

I built two versions of the house. Choose whatever you like better.

  • MAX – as shown on screenshots, with store and everything.
  • MIN – no Store items except for free seasons wall stickers. (The rest of store replaced with in-game objects.)

Requirements and stuff

Yeah, I know, many things. I kinda let myself loose 😀

My most favorite places:

Lot Size: 20×30

Lot Price: F 179.489 / U 95.097

Additional Credits:

Creators of PhotoScape. Delphy for CUSTARD (renamed sims3packs). staff for checking, reading all my rambling and everything.

Expansion Packs

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise

(Published on: 2014-06-22 12:00:00)

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