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If you live in the US, chances are you have either a microwave or cabinets (or both) above your stove. Designing one of my latest houses, I discovered that even using the smaller country kitchen cabinets prevented sims from utilizing the stove under it despite there being plenty of space. So I set off on a mission to fix this.

This mod is a simple override mod that alters the footprint of both the Country Fried Overhead Cabinet and the Country Overhead Fried China Cabinet to allow sims to intersect with them, enabling them to be placed above stoves without preventing access. It also includes an OBJD override that enables both cabinets to shift up/down the wall. Corner units will properly show up at the height at which you’ve shifted the base version.

These are default overrides and, as such, will conflict with any other overrides that alter the following OBJD:

  • Country Fried Overhead Cabinet (OBJD instance 0x0000000000000A3D and FTPT 0x84EC936F58B9E6FF)
  • Country Overhead Fried China Cabinet (OBJD instance 0x0000000000000486 and FTPT instance 0x84EC936F58B9E6FF)

(Published on: 2019-08-23 12:00:00)

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