Master Suite Clothes For Everyday & Formal

Game Mods Overrides Recategorisers and Hiders

There are some clothes from the Master Suite Stuff pack that look great as Everyday/Formal but were unfortunately not enabled for those categories. So my mod fixes that

The images show which clothes have been recategorized, their names, and the new categories they have.

Of course, they are still available in their original categories.

Master Suite is required for this mod, or it won’t do anything.

You can choose between a package file that includes all of the clothes, or individual package files for each one of them so you can pick and choose. The individual package files will not conflict with each other but will conflict with the merged version, because they are editing the same files. So choose only one.

Note for RomanticShirtBoyfriend

sweetdevil already made an edit of this one, with maternity morph, converted to teen and elder, is enabled for Everyday, and better color channels. It’s also base game compatible. I highly recommend you download that one instead. I also included a package file that hides the original one for those who have this edit, as well as a version of the merged package file excluding RomanticShirtBoyfriend, because otherwise the 2 mods will conflict.


This mod edits the following files and will conflict with any mod that does the same; so basically any mod that changes the categories/age/gender of these exact items. Texture/mesh/morph edits should not conflict.

  • afBodyRomanticGown CASP Instance 0x62E4175F734D72D0
  • afBodyRomanticNightGown CASP Instance 0xB06B2396CD2007C8
  • afBodyRomanticShirtBoyfriend CASP Instance 0x64925E59AD8B605B
  • afBodyRomanticSlip CASP Instance 0x109F4D5FD5D7EFAB
  • afTopRomanticShortsTie CASP Instance 0x199A1BDD9AE6E209

Use Sims 3 Dashboard to check for conflicts.

Credits S3PE NRaas Packer


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Stuff Packs

Master Suite Stuff

(Published on: 2021-07-16 12:00:00)

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