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Hey all, it’s another houseboat ^_^. I actually made this boat a few weeks ago and my sims have been living in it. Now as a family and even before, they can afford to move out of it. I wanted to wait until then since I didn’t want to move the household out… So that makes this house boat quite awesome-it’s affordable at just over 50,000 simoleons (cheapest lot I’ve ever made, LOL)! It’s also great for families.

Once again I made this a family houseboat. Due to how I wanted it to look on the outside and that I wanted it to have the hull on it, I had to put the bedrooms in the basement. I usually don’t like to put fundamental rooms like that in the basement, but I thought it was worth it since sims usually spend the most time in the living room or outside anyway. And as you can see, it does have a fairly large deck on the second floor .

Oh, and because my sims stayed in this houseboat, my witch sim upgraded everything!

Oh, and sorry for the less than sub-par pictures of the bedrooms. Camera mode would not work down there…so basically I tried my best to get it to look right!

I recommend using a plumbot to move your houseboat around. Then your sim can do whatever he wants! And if you make it solar powered, it could move all night if you want LOL (since I have the boat upgraded to go faster).

EP’s: (I know that I’ve been making these very detailed lately, but I think they’re helpful? If so let me know, otherwise I may stop. If just one or two people utilize it let me know then I will know. I don’t bite)


Island paradise, obviously. Though few if any objects are used from that EP. I did discover that you can place houseboats on normal lots, not sure if you can even download it if you don’t have it though, LOL.


Late night

Minor: University (one window in front)

Generations (radio, a few kids stuff)

Showtime- outside table, speaker, plants in master bedroom)

HELS (treadmill)


Seasons- (flowers on table (which my sim collected ), one plant, outside lights)

World adventures (palm outside)

Ambitions- bathroom wallpaper, the living room sofas


Furnished: 54,258

Unfurnished: 31,272

Lot Size: 10×14

Lot Price: in description

Expansion Packs

Late Night
Island Paradise
Into the Future

(Published on: 2014-06-08 12:00:00)

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