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This is an update for Add More Traits to Your Sims! by Rainbow_Brite Posted 6th Jul 2010 at 5:05PM – Updated 14th Jul 2011 at 7:56PM. It has some extra code information for later EP’s which were released after RainbowBrite left the game.

Things you should know

  • Upon adding this mod, any Townies or NPC’s will be automatically assigned the maximum number of traits allowable for their age
  • any New Sim that are generated by the game will be automatically assigned the maximum number of traits allowable for their
  • Editing your Sim in CAS or Modifying their Traits via the Cheat Console, can only be assigned 5 tratis (EA Default)
  • Any active Sims will retain their original traits and will not increase unless you use MasterController or AwesomeMod to add them. (NOTE: I dont have instructions for using AwesomeMod)
    • If you’re using MasterController, You will need the MasterController Base Module and the Cheats Module
    • Simply click on your Sim, then NRaas > MasterController > Advanced > Traits > Change
  • Sims are bound by the max traits when traveling, 5 by default or the version max of this mod (8, 12, 16, or 20)
  • If your sim gets an additional trait via social networking, you should decline it. If you’re using this mod you already have the traits you want, by game default it will assume your sim has 5 traits and you’re adding a 6th one. So if you accept the social trait you will lose any above 6 and will need to re add them.
  • If you’re using a mod to unhide traits, all traits will count toward the max total.
  • Sometimes active sims have issues aging up and need to be reset. You may need to remove additional traits, age them up, then add the traits back in.
  • This mod does not affect pets, I’ve looked for the equivalent tuning for pets, but have yet to find it.
  • Simply removing this mod will not return the trait limit to default, they will still retain the number of traits you gave them unless you remove them. See Below


To remove additional traits with MasterController (you will need the Base Module and Cheats Module)

  1. For the Active Family, click on a Sim > NRaas > MasterController > Advanced > Traits > Drop Traits, then you must enter the number of traits you wish to remove (repeat for each sim)
  2. For Town (non active) Sims, click on the City Hall or any Computer > NRaas > Sim > Advanced > Traits > Drop Traits
    1. then you will need to supply the target Sims – use “Age”
    2. select Young Adult, Adult, & Elder
    3. on the next screen, click on “All” at the top
    4. Now you must choose how many traits to remove (if you are using the 20 max version and wish to return to default 5, then you would enter 15)
    5. Repeat steps a,b,c & d for Teens, Child, and Baby/Toddler Ages


There are 4 versions, each one with a little higher max. You can only use 1 version at a time.

AGE Default Ver 1 Ver 2 Ver 3 Ver 4
Young Adult+ 5 8 12 16 20
Teen 4 6 9 12 15
Child 3 4 6 8 10
Baby, Toddler 2 2 3 4 5

Patch and Conflict Info

This is a tuning mod, created with patch 1.67, it edits the TraitManager_0x85009be60155d3c6 resource in GamePlayData.package and will conflict with any other mod which does the same.

Additional Credits:



RainbowBrite for the Original mod

pljones for S3PE (Published on: 2014-06-04 12:00:00)

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