Mountian House V.2 Future update

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Hello everyone it’s been a while and i am back with a new house now this is a

remodel of my family mountain house but it is a lot diverent this house is based on the future

and the lot size has been updated to 64×64.

The house inside is not so futuristic i know it is a house u can feel home in inside and out.

Updated Parts…

– Main floor split level

– Staicase

– The Jard

– The style

– The blue Living room

– A smaller basement

– The pool

– The side tower a 2 story bathroom with a usable 2nd floor

– The exterior colours

– The interior colours

– More EP and SP used

– New Game Version

– 1 empty room on the main floor

– A totaly new roof desighn

– A completely new front of house desighn update

– Garden desighn

– Glass Roof part overhang

– 1 long balcony on the side of the house

– Extra long driveway

I know it seems like a little but it’s a lot


Lot Price

– F $1,088,447

– UF $390,302

Lot Size – 64×64

Bedrooms – 6

Bathrooms – 2

Remember i am Hannes16 and Play Safe…..

Lot Size: 64×64

Lot Price: In the INFO above

Expansion Packs

World Adventures
Late Night
Island Paradise
Into the Future

Stuff Packs

High-End Loft Stuff
Outdoor Living Stuff
Diesel Stuff

(Published on: 2014-06-21 12:00:00)

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