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Your name is now Theo. No, your name is now Leo. No, you can now randomize names at many points of the game as you wish to.

Further Description

This upload consists of two mods, both with the same intent, for the different points of the game.

One of them makes it so that there are two randomize name buttons in CAS: one for first name, and one for last game, so it is now possible to randomize first name and last name separately. This feature also applies to pets.

The other mod replaces eight interactions: Change Name (at city hall, for humans), Have Baby (having baby home, for humans), Go to Hospital (having baby at hospital, for humans), Name Pet (for unnamed puppies and kittens), Change Name (for already-named pets), Give Birth (for horses), Give Birth (for alien pregnancies), and Pick Forbidden Fruit (for plantsims), so that all of them will have a popup with a randomize button to randomize first name or last name.



→ NRaas Woohooer compatibility mod is now separate from the actual mod. Otherwise, in the absence of NRaas Woohooer, the compatibility mod used to cause errors and affect other mods.


→ The replaced interactions now do have tunings of the original interactions. Before that, the interactions had no tunings, thus, the interactions were run by sims who normally were disallowed.

→ Made the mod compatible with NRaas Woohooer for real this time. Before that, the new interactions were based on the original interactions, not on NRaas Woohooer’s interactions, thus, the mod was shadowing NRaas Woohooer’s effects coming from those interactions.


Pack Requirements

Pets → For pets in CAS, provided in Randomize First Name and Randomize Last, and for newborn puppies, kittens, and foals, provided in Randomize Change Name and Randomize Newborn

Seasons → For newborn aliens, provided in Randomize Change Name and Randomize Newborn

University Life → For newborn plantsims, provided in Randomize Change Name and Randomize Newborn

→ Other than the mentioned requirements, the mods are base game compatible.

Compatibility and Conflicts

These mods should not conflict with any other mods, as they are pure script mods, that is, except:

↳ If another mod is also making changes to the original randomize name button in CAS or is replacing the same interactions.

NRaas Woohooer replaces a few of the mentioned interactions. If you are using NRaas Woohooer, you must also download the compatibility mod.

Same Zodiac for Twins and Triplets is not compatible and only one of the mods will succeed to feature its effects. However, Newborns Get Zodiac Signs that Match the Current Season is compatible, as it does not replace any interaction.


Tool Credits

ILSpy (decompiling the game’s scripts)

Inge (unprotected assemblies)

s3pe (packaging the mod)

Visual Studio 2022 (writing and compiling the script)

Other Credits

↳ Claire Ursine, Pantoufle Pelly, Imogen Pelly, Pickles Lionheart, Marney Martingale, Sofia Martingale, Bramble Fox, Cheyenne Fox, Shep Fox, Christopher Steel (for showing bravery and getting pregnant & giving birth for mod testing purposes) (Published on: 2023-06-21 12:00:00)

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