Nikki Morello

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Nikki is a go-getter. Her resume is absolutely flawless. In high school, she volunteered where ever she could and worked at the local department store. Her schedule is loaded to the brim with activities. As an adult, she is an aspiring five star chef. With her ambitious nature, she is sure to get there!

But that isn’t all she wants in life, oh no! She loves children and is hoping to have a few when she meets the right guy. No she doesn’t necessarily want a large family, but a family none-the-less. This lady isn’t all good though, sometimes she tries to mooch money off her friends, because hey, working in a department store isn’t exactly a well-paying job! But she is ready to send that resume off to begin her cooking career!

Custom Content (none included):

all hair but formal Chihuahua (by Beeverhausen)

Eyebrows- bare natural eyebrows (by Elegies)

Eyeliner- Set of 6 Winged Glamorous Eyeliners (by emmzx)

Contacts- Contacts (by Breyete)

Skin- nondefault skin (ESkin-nAtural (tan version)by teru k)*

Lipstick- Cotton Candy Lipstick (By elexis)

Freckles- delicate freckles (by Praline sims)

*Nikki was uploaded without the non-default skin, so you’ll have to select that skin for her. She looks about the same with the default skin, her skin tone will merely be off slightly.


Island Paradise, supernatural, late night, university


facial sliders (by bella3lek4)

Body Sliders (by Jonha)


I use master controller as my slider hack to get his face to look like this (facial sliders on x3, body sliders same as default), or you can use some other slider hack. MC is found here (Published on: 2014-06-07 12:00:00)

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