No Sparkles when Genie Makes House Spotless

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No Sparkles when Genie Makes House Spotless

by Nuk



This mod prevents the sparkling effect on the lot when your genie sim uses their ability “Make House Spotless and Sparkly”.

Cleaning houses with this genie’s interaction is nice, it can be used anywhere, e.g. neighbors’ houses or community lots, so it’s really useful.

But the sparkles all over the lot made my game slower and laggy for some annoying seconds, until the effect expired, each time I used it.

I couldn’t find a mod to avoid it, but i found this wonderful tool from velocitygrass (link below) and made it.

And it worked, my game doesn’t get laggy anymore when I use that interaction. If, just like me, you love playing with genie sims but don’t want the sparkling, you’ll enjoy this mod.



It requires the expansion pack Showtime. Genie life state and the interaction Make House Spotless and Sparkly come from this expansion.



No special instructions required, install as usual.

Unless you’ve never installed a mod in TS3, in this case you need to prepare your mods folder, you can follow this guide: Game Help: Installing Sims 3 package files



Works fine with patch 1.67.2

It worked with earlier versions too.

It will conflict with mods that modifiy the sparkles from genies’ spell on the lot. I haven’t found any mod that alters these values so far, nor has it had any problem with my game or the other mods I use.

These are the effects disabled by this mod:









The modification is in _SWB resource (TGI: 0xEA5118B0-0x0051185B-0xAE1859FADE0A9056) from DeltaBuild0.package



I used this wonderful tool by velocitygrass: Create your own no effects mod tool

I also used Dashboard tool to check possible conflicts


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(Published on: 2021-11-14 12:00:00)

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