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This is basically sHoNi’s Mummy Overhaul, but updated to work in the latest version of the game and with any combination of DLC, plus some changes.

This is a simple tuning mod that makes mummies in their NPC state a bit stronger so that getting ready for your tomb adventure is a little more meaningful.


Sarcophagus Fear Moodlet Value

  • EA: -25
  • sHoNi: -25
  • Me: -35
    This means that your sim will not autonomously look into a sarcophagus if the following conditions are met: your sim has just done so, your sim has seen a mummy inside it, your sim has another negative moodlet.

Mummy Victory Chance

  • EA: 50%
  • sHoNi: 90%
  • Me: 75%
    This means that mummies will have a better chance of winning a battle, but low enough to let other factors influence this base percentage.

Min. and Max. Athletic and Martial Arts Skill

  • EA: 5-10
  • sHoNi: 9-10
  • Me: 7-10
    This means that mummies will be significantly stronger, but not so much so that there are still mummies weaker than others.

Fear Moodlet Value

  • EA: -30
  • sHoNi: -100
  • Me: -70
    This means that if you lose a fight against a mummy, your sim will be extremely scared (but not that extremely scared making other moodlets irrelevant), having fought a non-friendly supernatural being that wants to kill you is not the same as breaking up with your partner.

Returnn To Sarcophagus Chance

  • EA: 100%
  • sHoNi: 100%
  • Me: 25%
    This means that if you lose a fight against a mummy, it will wander around to keep treasure hunters like your sim away. But if you win it will vanish, as it is by default.

Mummy’s Curse Chance

  • EA: 20%
  • sHoNi: 90%
  • Me: 90%
    This means that, only if you are very lucky, your sim will only pass out when losing a fight against a mummy, they will almost always be cursed.

Mummy’s Curse Countdown

  • EA: 14 Days
  • sHoNi: 3 Days
  • Me: 7 Days
    This means that your sim will no longer be able to travel the world, become a great-grandfather, and invent the cure for the Guinea Pig Disease Glitch before perishing to the mummy’s curse. I mean, now there is a real reason to search for the cure, but with enough time even for players with a slow playstyle. But without ceasing to be a ‘slow development’ curse as EA intended it to be. Also, like sHoNi said, “The Ring vibes”.

In case you’re wondering, yes… I play on minimal graphics settings and don’t use CC. That’s why my sim doesn’t look as good as yours.


shoni89P for the idea, and for having found the resources to modify.

Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE.

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(Published on: 2022-10-06 12:00:00)

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