[Obsolete] Instant Vampire, Werewolf, PlantSim Transformations

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This mod is now obsolete. You are recommended to use its pure script version instead.
This mod will make ‘Unusual Blemish’, ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’, ‘Botanitis Minorous’ moodlets last for 0 minutes instead of their default times, thus, a bitten sim will turn into a Vampire, a cursed sim will turn into a Werewolf, an infected sim will turn into a PlantSim, immediately.


Name Type Instance
Buffs 0x0333406C 0x196861BE84939A71

This tuning mod contains the resource above. It will conflict with any other mod that also contains the same resource.

Instant Vampire Transformation requires Late Night or Supernatural, not both.

Instant Werewolf Transformation requires Supernatural.

Instant PlantSim Transformation requires University Life.

Instant Vampire, Werewolf, PlantSim Transformations requires Late Night, Supernatural, and/or University Life, depending on which life state you would use this mod for.

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(Published on: 2019-08-14 12:00:00)

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