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Update Jun-11-2023, version 1.1:

– Fixed vaccinate bug where interaction would fail if a sim attempted to take only one pet to the vet

– Added Brazilian Portuguese and German translations!

Here’s Echoweaver, back for another installment of the Pets Expansion Expansion.

This mod introduces four diseases (or five, depending on how you count). All can be caught by cats or dogs and are contagious between the two species.

As with Pet Fighting, This mod can be tuned to either allow pets to die of lethal diseases or, for those who don’t want that kind of realism with their furbabies, force a pet into a long sleep to recuperate instead of dying. This is just a tuning value, but I’ve uploaded two flavors for download with death turned on and off so that folks can have the one they prefer without opening a package editor.

This has been a bear to test because all the contagion is based on probabilities. It’s hard to be sure what odds are really going to be too little or too much in a real game. Because of that, I’ve included an extensive tuning resource Echoweaver.Sims3Game.PetDisease.PetDiseaseManager. If the diseases feel like too much or two little, you can change them.

Details of the diseases:

It also adds two human interactions:

– Take to Vet: On a sick pet that can be cured.

– Vaccinate Pets: On Hospital rabbitholes. This action can be performed on multiple pets from your household at the same time. You can’t vaccinate pets that are A) currently vaccinated or B) currently sick. Vaccination lasts for one year.

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(Published on: 2023-05-28 12:00:00)

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