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Update June-4-2023: Whoops. I don’t know who might’ve tried my feature to bake Ingredients Overhaul bread ingredients in the Wood Fire Oven, but it turns out you would have always produced horrifying quality! So that’s fixed.

Added the ability to bake hamburger and hot dog bun ingredients in the Wood Fire Oven as well.

Update June-3-2023: Fixed STBL for “Grind Flour”. Added French and Russian translations. I added “Grind Flour” using Google Translate so it wouldn’t be left in English. I hope that doesn’t come off wildly wrong .

Added autosoil by the amazing nobodysgirl333!!

Update Nov-8-2022: Updated download information to include the CCLoader dependency.

I’ve been playing a challenge that revolves around being a medieval English peasant, and as my sims tried to eek their life out of the earth, I discovered that with all of the plantables in TS3, the only grain you can grow is corn! Corn is a New World grain and wouldn’t even exist for my poor historical simmies.

Thus this mod was born.

NOTE: Requires CCLoader!


– Harvestable wheat (duh)

– Grind wheat into flour using the game’s food processor (not to be confused with Ani’s hunt mod food processor, though that can be tuned to do it too)

– Added flour ingredient to base game recipes: Pancakes, Waffles, Cookies, and Angel Food Cake.

– Compatibility with Wood Fire Oven: Added flour ingredient to the bread recipes if you have it installed.

– Compatibility with Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul: If it is installed, the flour will be added to those versions of the recipes rather than the base game.

– Extra feature I added on a whim: If Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul is installed, there’s an extra interaction on the Wood Fire Oven to bake the bread ingredient for that mod.

Poly count:

Wheat Stalk: 454

Wheat ingredient: 1168

NOTE: If you have IceMunMun’s Baker’s Basket, there is a separate version which combines the flour from her mod with the flour from this one.

Thank you to the talented omedapixel for their lovely wheat model! (Published on: 2022-08-14 12:00:00)

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