Pretty In Pastels

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Built with Patch 1.67

Pretty In Pastels is arguably the most ambitious upload I have ever shared with the sims community. It was designed to accommodate my ‘Funke’ Household (if anyone’s wondering, it is that ‘Funke’ household, the one you can find in the library bin with the base game).

It was intentionally designed to be a bit of a combination of something you’d expect Barbie to live in and Victorian (except Barbie would have a garage, no doubt!)

The hue of the exterior changes colors, beautifully. It goes from an off white/pink color to a soft purple, as the day grows longer. I recommend placing the lot in Hidden Springs at 16 Subalpine Cir., right next to the waterfall and across the street from the museum or art gallery. This is where the ‘Hans Tavern and Cafe’ is located.

It’s a huge home that miraculously fits on a 30X20 lot. Can you believe it? Its got 5 bedrooms. Two bedrooms go outside the pastel pallet, so that the boys could live comfortably. One is more for a teenager, although with a few quick edits, it could be suited for an adult, if needed. The other is designed with a child in mind, but you probably already knew that by looking at those pictures.

One room is not furnished on the fourth floor. When I originally built this build back in November/December, I wanted to use that space for the plant converter thing from University Life, but it sort of looks weird in an residential lot upload, ehh?

Like all my uploads, this lot contains NO CC. However, I do use store content frequently and this home was no exception (In fact, it’s almost insane! Count this as the first and last time I put something with SO MUCH store content on ). I recommend having all the content below, in order to enjoy this build to the fullest. Anything you don’t own will be replaced by base game content, instead.

Sims 3 Store Items Used:

Aurora Skies:Minstatl Dorf Sectional Sofa

Storied Tale Stairs

Monte Vista: Peasants Potted Plants

Midnight Hollow: Barbed Gable

Midnight Hollow: Wide Traditional Gable

Wall Mount Towel Stackomatic

Hand Stenciled Dining Table

Stash of Silver Cabinet

Ultra Lounge Wall Shelf

Woven Wicker Baskets

Three Of A Kind Wall Lamp

Grandma’s Canning Station

Nature’s Wall Hooks

Miniature Sailboat

Old Town Oven

Faire Frog Fountain

Floral Fruits

To Have and to Fold – With Bow!

Wall Chilis Sculpture

Animal Friends Window

Woodland Counter

Country Breakfast Wall Shelf

Grandma’s Pantry

Coffee Tray with Book Accents

Vineyard Vittles Shelf

Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set

Aria Widow Dressing

Doric Column Fence

All Of Me Mirror

Love to Love You Love Lounge

Corn Stew Pot

Pastoral Practical Kichen Shelf

Tropical Fruit Bowl

Potted Orchid Divine

Triple Animal Collection

Grassy Frog Dresser

Sugar Spice and Everything Nice Wall Shelf

Murano Wooden Block Knife Stock

Woven Wicker Trunk

Double Frame Photo

Wattle and Daub Lamp

Love Seat Retreat

Shoppe Counter

Market Piggy Sculpture

Dream Snare

II-Stand Corkboard

Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl

JML Technologic 4:3 TV

Kirby The Frog Desk

Grandma’s Old Mason Jars

Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chairs

Perfect Place Shelf

Rabbit Ridge

Peter’s Safari Mobile

Playground Toy Chest

Bingo’s 3-Set Collection

Great Lakes Earthenware Pot

Elite Efflorescence

Bayside Shelving

Care-Free Wild Flowers

Animal Friends Boy’s Single Bed

Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station

All Dolled Up Curtains

Jungle Cheer

Flower Tower

Color Me Chimney Top

Lot Size: 30×20

Lot Price (furnished): 265,111

Lot Price (unfurnished): 101,893

Expansion Packs

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise
Into the Future

Stuff Packs

High-End Loft Stuff
Fast Lane Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Master Suite Stuff
Movie Stuff

(Published on: 2019-06-04 12:00:00)

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