Reduce/Remove Lag caused by Houseboats

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Houseboats cause major lag. It was discovered that the Enter Helm Disallow Autonomous was set to False. This allowed NPCs to move houseboats. When they do this causes lag.

I changed the Itun file to set it to True. They can no longer move a houseboat. Player sims can still move houseboats without issue.

I also changed the Houseboat XML so that NPCs will not move Ports. Even when they could not get to the Helm they still could move Ports daily.

I played in Island Paradise and had no lag caused by houseboats. I didn’t delete the Scott family. I do not have Ellacharmed fixes installed.

I played for 6 sims days and virtually had no lag. I do have Nraas Overwatch installed.

I have had a tester who only has NO CD installed test it and she reported the lag was gone. Nitromon tested it and reported it’s running smoother. Thank you for testing!!!

So no more hiding your helm or trying to delete it.

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Island Paradise

(Published on: 2022-03-30 12:00:00)

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