SimLane: Enhance Your Sims 3 Traffic Experience (UPDATE 07/08)

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With this incredible mod, we are about to significantly enhance the traffic in The Sims 3! First and foremost, let me share some exciting news: this is a robust yet simple mod. While there are other mods that do the same, mine stands out because it reduces the vehicle speed to an “impressive” (if we can call it that) 13 RPM and the starting speed to 3. Unlike other mods that usually decrease it to a minimum of 25, this speed still feels high to me.

With the speed adjustment applied to all vehicles (including bicycles), we are not only ensuring they move at a perfectly suitable pace for The Sims standards, but more importantly, all cars will follow the same speed (instead of varying speeds as usual). This practically eliminates the chances of collisions! Although collisions may still occur from time to time when cars intersect, the frequency will be reduced.

How about inviting your Sims to a truly special neighborhood experience? With cars moving at a constant speed, reminiscent of the good old days of The Sims 1 or 2, you’ll feel nostalgic as you watch the traffic pass by residential and community lots.

It’s important to remember that the mod will adjust the speed of all vehicles in the game, including those from the Into the Future expansion. This means you can enjoy the benefits regardless of the timeline you’re playing in!

Get ready for a unique (yet simple) solution to traffic issues and dive into a neighborhood full of life and animation!

Installation Instructions: From now on (except for mods that I specifically mention), all my mods can and should be placed in the Overrides folder. This will optimize the loading of the mods and prevent conflicts with other mods that might potentially load similar parameters.

UPDATE: Motorcycles included and bike speed reduced from 13 to 10

Thanks SuddenRain for reminding me to include the motorcycles (I had forgotten about them)

Works perfectly well with the other Get Out Project add-ons:

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(Published on: 2023-07-26 12:00:00)

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