Southeast Asian Town Row (Kopitiam / Cafe)

Community Lots & Housing

This is a community block with few buildings jammed together to represent row buildings commonly seen in Chinese / Hokkien (a sub-part within China) communities in Southeast-Asian countries, e.g. Thailand and Singapore.

Sounds too complicated? This is to give you an idea:

“Kopitiam” means “coffeehouse” or “cafe”. This lot contains two shops within the building blocks: a Thai-Chinese traditional restaurant across two floors and on the balconies, and a small cornerstore selling nectars.

Furnished price: 86,267

Unfurnished price: 61,288

Lot size: 15×19


(1) The irregular size is because the lot was built for Suvadiva Resort, a world by Nilxis (intended to replace the Bistro lot). It will fit just as fine on any 15×20 lot.

(2) This is built on a flat lot.

Custom content (NOT included):

All custom content has been cleaned from the Sims3Pack.

None of these custom content are strictly required, and mostly for aesthetic purposes only.

(1) Separated Shutters by Alverdine:…ght-pieces.html

(2) Metal lattice sliding door by Cyclonescue:…door/id/941270/

(3) Chef Station by Around The Sims 3 (the cluttered version, Ani’s Mod version – you will also need Ani’s Mod for it to function fully):…wntown_55.shtml

(4) Cargeaux Icebox by Around The Sims 3:…itchen_06.shtml

(5) Bar stool by Around The Sims 3:…wntown_59.shtml

(6) Plant cage by Around The Sims 3:…plants_12.shtml

(7) Pot plant by Around The Sims 3 (ONLY ATS3-object-flowersmarket-plant4):…wntown_12.shtml

(8) Under Stairs Shelf by LilyOfTheValley at TSR (replaceable as no decor was placed on the shelf):…ing/id/1090382/

(9) Wicker Chair (ONLY Living Chair) by Around The Sims 3:…utdoor_29.shtml

(10) Hobby Board by Around The Sims 3:…ursery_18.shtml

(11) IKEA Paintings by Around The Sims 3 (both large and small AND both rectangle and horizontal versions):

(12) Animated Ceiling Fan by Cmomoney:…eiling-fan.html

Game version and required EPs/SPs:

Built on 1.67 and should work on any reasonably updated patch level.

Requires the packs as stated (WA, Amb, LN, Uni Life, IP being pertinent especially)

You DO NEED SEASONS for just ONE one-tile table used. It is easily replaceable, and as such not listed as “required”.

Further Info:

Note that certain nectar racks are intended as “window displays” and intentionally non-accessible.

Lot has been playtested.

Postscript: Why this build?

(1) Southeast Asian architecture remains underrepresented.

(2) This project is my lovechild and perhaps farewell to Simming.

I owe credits to CC creators and my main source of inspiration, a Thai TV drama “I Told Sunset About You”. Relevant screenshots are included for comparison pictures. However I wish to highlight that this lot is NOT intended to be an exact mock-up, but rather, a mash-up of various real-life buildings.

Expansion Packs

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise

(Published on: 2022-08-20 12:00:00)

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