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Adult Body Shop Clothing Everyday Female

A simple little edit of the Deirdre Explorer Shirt from the Everyday Hot Summer Days set that removes the ugly painted-on necklace. Now you have a much more versatile little tied shirt, great for warm days or adventuring out in the Simhara!

It includes modified normal and specular maps, and has four recolourable channels – the shirt, the undershirt, the epaulettes, and the pocket, as well as fat, fit and thin morphs. Available in Everyday, Formal and Career Tops for Young Adult and Adult females. It’s a fully standalone item that doesn’t require any Store content.

Poly counts:

LOD1: 3582 polys / 2442 verts

LOD2: 1255 polys / 1358 verts

LOD3: 581 polys / 785 verts

Credits: Mesh and textures modified from The Sims 3 Store (Published on: 2021-11-07 12:00:00)

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