The Bayou Classic [Family Starter, No CC]

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The Bayou Classic

2 Bed, 1 Bath

It’s hard to find a good spot to live in the musky swamplands, but if you’re looking for a house built to last, The Bayou Classic is for you. It’s not much to look at, but with an open first floor and two bedrooms up on the second, along with the multiple fishing spots, this is a house you could really sink into and get hooked on for generations!


First Floor…

Outside – Walkways over the swamp, front porch with rocking chair and garbage bin, side porch with clothes line, access to stairs to second floor

Living Room – Couch, lounge chair, television, vinyl player

Kitchen/Dining Room – Table for four, microwave, sink, stove, refrigerator, washing machine

Bathroom – Full bath with sink, toilet, and shower/tub

Second Floor…

Deck – Two chairs for sitting and a grill

Bedrooms – Master bedroom, and extra bedroom with two single beds, bookcase, and standing mirror (room could be cleared out and used as a study)

Fishing – There are five fishing spots on the lot using all five of the base game’s freshwater spawners.


Expansion Packs…

– Pets

– Supernatural

– Ambitions

– World Adventures

– Late Night

– Island Paradise

– University Life

– Generations

– Showtime

– Seasons

(All except for Into The Future)

Stuff Packs…

– Outdoor Living Stuff

Custom Content…

– None!

Lot Details:

Size – 40×40


Furnished – §16,278

Unfurnished – §2,309

Placement – Best placed in Twinbrook at 153 Herschel’s Pond Road

Lot Size: 40×40

Lot Price: 16,278

Expansion Packs

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise

Stuff Packs

Outdoor Living Stuff

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