The Luxurious GBW Castle.

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The Luxurious GBW Castle… A huge house that has took me more than one year of building, it regroups all kinds of fish, precious stones and metals that have ever existed in the game. The abreviation GBW means the first three letters of the three major colours in which this house is decorated with (Gold, Blue and White). The golden color refers to the gold metal, the white one refers to diamonds, in addition to the blue color which is the principal theme of the house, however, besides all the precious stones and metals, every room of this house is decorated with both, cristal balls of diamonds and gold bars… Done by an Algerian fan of The named Benhadja Kamel.

Lot size : 64×64

Lot price :

Furnished : 1 777 380 §

Unfurnished : 548 035 §

Expansion Packs

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise
Into the Future

Stuff Packs

Outdoor Living Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Master Suite Stuff
Diesel Stuff

(Published on: 2022-03-22 12:00:00)

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