The Men of Letters Bunker- Supernatural

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Bunker from the Supernatural show.

The building consists of 3 floors and basement (dungeon).

Seemingly building looks abandoned, but it is only pretense. The entrance is located below ground level, leading to the old metal door, then there is a vestibule with a seemingly dead end. To get to the building you need to find the hidden door. On the first floor, which is surrounded by hill and rocks is a conference room, library, large garage with 3 cars, bathroom, small room on automotive equipment.

On the second floor there is an upper hall, in the next room is going down to the garage, a kitchen, dining room, living room.

On the third floor there are bedrooms, 1 with double bed, 4 with single bed.

In the basement there is a research room with computers, TVs and other research equipment, room to store cursed objects, room to store nectar (there is also a small bar), room with devil’s trap.

There are also stairs to the garage and small alchemy room.


Furnished: 368844

Unfurnished: 127686

Custom content not included:

Stone terrain paint by Granny Zaza (TP1 file only)

Old brick wall by Granny Zaza (TF Masonry 6 file only)

Old chair by Syren (only chair)

Old roof by Luna (only luna_tejado viejo file)

Wood column by SoulSim (only column 3)

Asylum windows by robokitty

Mesh info:


Devil’s trap rug

clone of 4×4 rug, can be found on deco- rugs, cost 400 simoleons, vertices: 28, faces: 18, two recolorable parts

Picture of the bunker from the show


Lot Size: 40×40

Lot Price: 368844

Custom Content by Me:

– Devil’s trap rug

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Late Night
Island Paradise

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