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Really rundown isn’t my thing, it’s the issue of bugs. For that reason this building has been renevated to top standards for a funky young couple. It has a really expensive and modern big kitchen, and a moody colorful livingroom. The bed is really anyone’s envie, king size with luxurious fabrics and a first class mattress.

Spacious apartment for 2 kids sharing a room, a couple of parents and a crib stashed in a hallway. 4 carpark on the buildings common area. It also has a night club, cave, or abandoned train for all the tenants for some music, games and just general hanging out with friends.

The house contains 6 apartments all together made with Buzzler’s NPC door fix. You may use the code listed below and change that if you like. The second floor is unavailable during gameplay for some reason. Only NPC’s living there though.

To do changes to these apartment buildings you need to use the cheat “restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false” and set to true when you’re finished. Usually you can just press ctrl+shift+C and a blue line to write on appears at the top in your screen in the game. Use the cheat when you’re in build or buy mode, it will give you the grid as usual.


The Rails S3P file: I have provided you with two files, if you don’t know what a package file is download the S3P file. It’s just a normal sims3pack to be installed with the launcher. It contains all you need to get the house I have posted pictures of.

The Rails: the package file has no extra name on it, you need to download what you want from the list below if you choose to do it this way. If you choose to download the kitchen, just reset the counters by picking them up. I used package files on those as well. Kitchen counters has to be sims3pack to work and look right.

Una Froscati has been testing all these 4 apartment buildings. They have been built in Castle Island.

Price unfurnished: 6100, furnished 42k.

Lot Size: 35×25

Lot Price: see above

Custom Content Included:

– Sliding Lockup door by Cyclonesue

– Rail Track by Cyclonesue

– Viaduct top wall north by Cyclonesue

– Metal by Cyclonesue

– Column1 by wondymoon

– Pattern – Wood 21 (Horizontal textures) by ung999

– Metal 09 by Zhaana

– Brick/masonry big set by Lunasimslulamai

– ViaductArch Extension by Cyclonesue

– ViaductArch Top by Cyclonesue

– Industrial Strenght double door by Cyclonesue

– Fire escape door by Cyclonesue

– Sliding viaduct door by Cyclonesue

– Metal lattice door by Cyclonesue

– Rail buffer by Cyclonesue

– Station plattform sign by Cyclonesue

– Factory window vented by Cyclonesue

– Ceiling mounted cage lamp by Cyclonesue

– Cage doorside light by Cyclonesue

– Osirium Bed by wondymoon

– Counter top for sink by Cyclonesue

– Washroom counter sink by Cyclonesue

– SV Angel lighting by Severinka

– Vanadium sink by wondymoon

– High flush toilet by Cyclonesue

– PS Contemporary carpet 46 by Pralinesims

– Floorplant 04 by ung999

– Vanadium Counter V2 by wondymoon

– Vanadium Stove by wondymoon

– Vanadium Fridge by wondymoon

– Nolte dining counter by jomsims

– Blind 02 by ung999

– Barstool03 by ung999

– MB Rustic built C by matomibotaki

– Rhodium Dresser by wondymoon

– Scratched old mirror by Cyclonesue

– Osmium painting by wondymoon

– Loveseat 02 by ung999

– Loveseat 03 by ung999

– Sofa 02 by ung999

– Carmel bedroom bed by Angela

– Mono ceiling light by Murano

– Samarium coffee table by wondymoon

– PS Contemporary carpet 47 by Pralinesims

– Lilac TV by Trustime

– Rhodium Desk by wondymoon

– Soap dispenser empty by Cyclonesue

– Rhodium paper bin by wondymoon

– Useless hand dryer by Cyclonesue

– Samarium fireplace by wondymoon

– Loftmetal column by ShinoKCR

– Train door by Cyclonesue

– Fluorescent suspended light by Cyclonesue

– Oldfashioned train seating 2tile by Cyclonesue

– Oildrum by Cyclonesue

– oldfashioned train seating 1tile by Cyclonesue

– Osmium wardrobe by wondymoon

– wall joining dining table by Cyclonesue

– Vanadium shelf cabinet by wondymoon

– Train wheels by Cyclonesue

– Samarium fireplace wood by wondymoon

– Tall stack of pallets by Cyclonesue

– Cabinbunkbed by Cyclonesue

– Carriage window by Cyclonesue

– Lilac coffee table by Trustime

– Lilac sofa by Trustime

– Arched door by Cyclonesue (Published on: 2014-06-22 12:00:00)

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