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Mod Description:

This mod replaces in-game music with the music from The Sims 1:

  • Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (41 mb) – replaces Build music with TS1 Build music;
  • Buy_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (13 mb) – replaces Buy music with TS1 Buy music;
  • CAS_Map_EditTown_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (39 mb) – replaces CAS, Map and Edit Town music with TS1 Neighborhood music;
  • Loading_MainTheme_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (2 mb) – replaces Loading and Main Theme music with TS1 Loading music.

Packages can be used separately or all together.

Alternative Versions:

In TS1 CAS and Neighborhood modes share the same soundtracks. I made 2 alternative versions for a change:

  • CAS_Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (41 mb) – replaces CAS and Build music with TS1 Build music;
  • CAS_Buy_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (13 mb) – replaces CAS and Buy music with TS1 Buy music.

Also there are 2 separate files for CAS and Map modes:

  • CAS_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (39 mb) – replaces CAS music with TS1 Neighborhood music;
  • Map_EditTown_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package (39 mb) – replaces Map and Edit Town music with TS1 Neighborhood music.

Files that replace music of the same mode will conflict with each other (e.g. CAS_Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package will conflict with CAS_Map_EditTown_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package, and so on).

Requirements and Game Version:

The mod was built and tested with game version 1.67.

Base game compatible.

Installation and removal:

Install the package files to your Mods/Packages folder.

Uninstall by removing.


The mod will conflict with any mod (including my mod The Sims 2 Music) that overrides these resources:

Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_build (0x1A79E6240A0A15F9) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

Buy_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_buy (0x010233D2AC4E7161) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

CAS_Map_EditTown_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_cas (0x00FF23D2AC4C2062) AUDTUN, music_mode_map (0x00D00FD2AC248D23) AUDTUN and music_mode_edit_town (0xC0BE10D459F226EE) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

Loading_MainTheme_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_load (0x1933D430BEC861C5) AUDTUN and music_theme (0xBBE372153FE38478) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

CAS_Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_cas (0x00FF23D2AC4C2062) AUDTUN and music_mode_build (0x1A79E6240A0A15F9) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

CAS_Buy_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_cas (0x00FF23D2AC4C2062) AUDTUN and music_mode_buy (0x010233D2AC4E7161) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

CAS_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_cas (0x00FF23D2AC4C2062) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package;

Map_EditTown_MusicReplacement_Sims1.package: music_mode_map (0x00D00FD2AC248D23) AUDTUN and music_mode_edit_town (0xC0BE10D459F226EE) AUDTUN from FullBuild1.package.

Additional Credits:

Peter and Inge Jones for s3pe. (Published on: 2019-08-13 12:00:00)

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CAS_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download
CAS_Buy_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download
CAS_Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download
Loading_MainTheme_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download
CAS_Map_EditTown_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download
Buy_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download
Build_MusicReplacement_Sims1.rar 0 Download

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