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Made from a stroll around my home city’s more affluent nabourhood: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ullev%C3%A5l_Hageby. I decided a traditional Italian style would keep the wibe of the original. This is a semidetached house with one NPC nabour. It has 4 carparks in the basement, a good size pool, vegetable garden, BBQ decking, 2car garage and gym.

The main floor has: a diningroom with french doors, livingroom, garden room, kitchen/diner, guest bathroom and a staircase to the garage with a laundry corner on the landing.

Second floor has the master suite with a dressingroom and bath, a playroom on the landing and two kids bedrooms in boys and girls colors, between them a mediaroom with big windows and a bathroom to share.

Third floor has 2 neutral bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a gym.

The house contains 2 apartments all together. You may use the code listed below and change that if you like.

To do changes to these apartment buildings you need to use the cheat “restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false” and set to true when you’re finished. Usually you can just press ctrl+shift+C and a blue line to write on appears at the top in your screen in the game. Use the cheat when you’re in build or buy mode, it will give you the grid as usual.


Ullevål Hageby S3P file: I have provided you with two files, if you don’t know what a package file is download the S3P file. It’s just a normal sims3pack to be installed with the launcher. It contains all you need to get the house I have posted pictures of.

Ullevål Hageby: the package file has no extra name on it, you need to download what you want from the list below if you choose to do it this way. If you choose to download the kitchen, just reset the counters by picking them up, as I used package files on those as well. Kitchen counters has to be sims3pack to work and look right.

Again it’s built in Castle Island and tested by Una Froscati.

Prices unfurnished 27725,- furnished 138k. Size 40×40

Lot Size: 40×40

Lot Price: see above

Custom Content Included:

– Outdoor Stone and Wood Patterns set by ung999

– Elegant Wood Patterns Set 03 by ung999

– Rejal window 01 by Murano

– Rejal door 03 by Murano

– Rejal window 04 by Murano

– Rejal door 08 by Murano

– Rejal door 05 by Murano

– Rejal door 01 by Murano

– Rejal window 07 by Murano

– Modern garage door V1 by wondymoon

– Sevilla middle window single 2×1 by Mutske

– Rejal window 09 by Murano

– Rejal door 07 by Murano

– Sevilla counter window 1×1 by Mutske

– Rejal door 06 by Murano

– Mono ceiling light by Murano

– Mono cupboard 2 by Murano

– Mono cupboard 3 by Murano

– Mono cupboard 4 by Murano

– Mono wall tray by Murano

– Samarium sofa 3×1 by wondymoon

– Samarium sofa 2×1 by wondymoon

– Art for Living armchair by deeiutza

– Diningtable 07 by ung999

– Designer living curtains by Lulu265

– PSModern&Chic rug XIV by Pralinesims

– Curtains with lace by Gardenbreeze

– Samarium Speaker tall by wondymoon (Published on: 2014-06-22 12:00:00)

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