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Back in 2009 when The Sims 3 was released, few of us dreamed of Ultrawide screens! Most of the time we had simpler monitors, with a maximum resolution of 1024×768. But, things have definitely changed! Even proportionally.

We left 4:3 monitors for 16:9 monitors or popularly known as HD or Full-HD. The Sims 3 having been updated all the way back to 2013 handled the demand for updates due to the new monitors very well, but the same is not true today. Until this moment, I had not found any kind of mod that would fix this problem. Just a few threads that discussed possible solutions or workarounds, but didn’t offer working download links for Fix.

Of course, it’s important to remember that I looked very little, after all I use a traditional monitor and not an Ultrawide one. This demand came from a channel subscriber, who was struggling to Create Sims on Create a Sim. That’s because, the view she had from inside the game, was very similar to this print (which is from someone else who went through a similar problem (THE LAST IMAGE above)

Now, I know it’s completely weird to see the curtain on the right with absolutely no windows. Don’t blame me, some producer had the idea to do it this way, because they never imagined that we would need a Mod to increase the CAS field of view on extensively long monitors. And it’s okay if you can handle it, of course!

As this Mod is a camera Mod, anyone can use it, regardless of whether or not it is on an Ultrawidescreen monitor. The result may vary from monitor to monitor, and it may be (but not a promise) that this mod will fit like a glove on 2K or 4K monitors.

If this mod helps you or solves your problem, remember to pass this topic on, because just like you, other fans may be experiencing problems or difficulties creating Sims on ultra-widescreen monitors!

As always, thanks for the support, if you can leave a comment telling me about your experience and leave a heart in the post, I appreciate it. Great week for everyone!

*The last two images are of Tarliey, a member here at MTs, with the before and after on 3400×1440 resolution monitor!! So, this mod work so well in this resolution too!!

If you liked the CAS Background and want to download it for your game, it’s available here: BORING BONES – CAS Room Recolored (Published on: 2023-07-27 12:00:00)

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