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As requested by Carxpert222, I made another typical suburban house! Looks familiar? That is because it has very similar measurements to the Awfully Average-house I made earlier. Other than that, it is a completely separate house made from scratch. While the other one was more stripped-down, I spent a lot of time furnishing and designing this house.

The design is very suburban, and I love it.

First, the outside. Meeting us from the street is a pleasant, medium sized suburban house. There is a two-car garage in front, and its roofline continues along the entire front of the house, working as a porch as well. Over the little red door is a palladian window giving light to the two-storey foyer inside.

First Floor

Entering the front door, we find the foyer, with a bathroom to the left, the staircase on the right, and a doorway leading to the living room. The rest of the floor features an open floorplan, with the dining room, kitchen and living room sharing the same walls.

Second Floor

The second floor has three furnished bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a disposable room that I have furnished as a rec room.


The front yard features extensive gardening. The backyard has a large pool, a large patio and a nice lawn.

Price unfurnished: 59,993

Price furnished: 110,234

Hope you guys like the house! PM me if you have a request!

World used:

Lot Size: 25×35

Lot Price: 110,000 (Published on: 2014-06-09 12:00:00)

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