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Vick is the sort of guy that is consious about who he is and his place in life. He realizes how terrible the world is. He wishes he could fix it, but he knows he can’t. Much, anyway. He does every little bit he can to help the environment and to understand the world around him. He is no sheep.

He is also quite money-consious. You won’t see him dropping fifty dollars a night often!

He is quite a resilient fellow since he is quite good at laughing things off, and just being funny in general. He doesn’t necessarily tell jokes much, but his personality radiates humor!




good sense of humor


loves the outdoors


Eyebrows 6 (by Wundersims)

Contacts (by Breyete)

skin (ESkin-nAtural tan default by teru k)

Hair-MHO3 (by Beeverhausen)

EP information:


Everyday: showtime/late night

Formal: ITF

Sleepwear: base game

athletic: town life stuff

Swimwear: Island Paradise


facial sliders] (by bella3lek4)

Body Sliders (by Jonha)

eyelashes (by sclub) *

Make sure to download both the sliders, and the male eyelashes at the bottom of the download page!

*Also an optional mod to remove the eyelashes (very minor and not super necessary, but without EA’s eyelashes, it will be easier to see the detail of the sclub eyelashes) eyelash removal mod (by sclub)


I use master controller as my slider hack to get his face to look like this (facial sliders on x3, body sliders same as default), or you can use some other slider hack. MC is found here (Published on: 2014-06-13 12:00:00)

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