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The desire to accurately remake a TS2 home and a WCIF thread are what made this set of 2to3 walls come together. Here are three walls from Kitchen and Bath SP and two walls form Nightlife EP for your TS3 enjoyment.

The Cookery Tile (in two versions)

I picked the first and fifth style of this wall that was used in the Stylish Setup home that came from Kitchen and Bath SP as I was on the process of remaking it in TS3. No TS3 wall ever came close to these walls hence converting them. Version A has only one channel (the upper half), with the middle trim and lower half as a non-recolorable overlay. Version B has two channels (upper and lower half) with the middle trim also non-recolorable. Found in Paint category.

Disco Chess in Orange*

*or any color because…CASt?

This one has three channels, found in Tiles category. This alternatively may also be the ‘T-Square Tile’ wall which also came with K&B, if a plain color is used on the second channel.

Half-finished Drywall/SheetRock X99

I decided to convert these ones as well, as someone is looking for a conversion of them. I only picked one variation of these walls and made them as CAStable as they could be, and they turned out good. Both are fully recolorable, with the Half-finished Drywall containing three channels, and the SheetRock X99 containing two channels. Both are found in Paint category.

Prices and descriptions are copied from their original TS2 versions (with the exception of the two NL walls that are priced down to §1 which make more sense IMO). See archive info for details. (Published on: 2023-02-28 12:00:00)

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