Birkenstocks for Women, Young Adult/Adult.

Adult Body Shop Shoes

I have been wanting to create Birkenstocks with detailed feet for TS3 for a good while now. Since TS3 lack Birkenstocks. This project has helped me become better at Meshing in blender and has made me more proficient with the steps that comes with making cc.

What It Does

These three CC pieces provide your sim with more stylish sandals with proper detailed feet to wear. This project focuses on Birkenstocks. The Arizona, Mayari, and Madrid design. Which are fine designs I think.


-For Young Adult/Adult Females.

-Can be used in Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic, Swimwear, Naked, and career clothing categories.

-Compatible with Pregnant sims.

-4 Custom Channels. Unfortunately, this time due to how many pieces I wanted to make recolorable, the nails are not recolorable. However, any nail polish CC should work.

Polygon Counts:

-Arizona Birkenstock

LOD1: 6,854

LOD2: 234

LOD3: 102

-Mayari Birkenstock

LOD1: 6,126

LOD2: 234

LOD3: 102

-Madrid Birkenstock

LOD1: 6,454

LOD2: 234

LOD3: 102



Additional Credits:

-Frankie, AKA Eikeeful, AKA Gruesim, AKA SimplyImaginaryPeople:

Once more I would like to thank her for the tutorials and help that she has provided me. She is without a doubt a massive asset to this community.


Chisami’s amazing feet were used for my Birkenstock project. Without her feet, my project would not be complete. I will most likely continue to use her feet in my future projects if I continue to work on sandals. Or anything feet related.

CC Used to create my Birkenstocks:

Chisami’s Feet (Published on: 2022-08-20 12:00:00)

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