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Bug antennae for buglike sims, aliens, fairies, or whatever you like~

They are enabled for all categories except random, and work for male and female, teen through elder. (Edit: added versions for child and toddler as well!)

They are adjustable using the Hat Sliders, and are categorized as glasses in CAS.

There are four variants, and you can have all of them in your game at once; they do not replace each other.

(Edit: face slider issue has been fixed, if you have the broken one please redownload and replace)

Polygon counts:

LOD 0 (butterfly 1 and 2)——– 684

LOD 0 (moth1) —————– 802

LOD 0 (moth2)—————– 744

LOD 1 and 2 (butterfly 1 and 2) — 174

LOD 1 and 2 (moth1) ———— 242

LOD 1 and 2 (moth2) ———— 210 (Published on: 2023-06-21 12:00:00)

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