Simple Slippers For Men, All ages (Except Babies)

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Updated Info


-I Simply updated my Simple Slippers to work with my updated “Remove Shoes Indoors” Script mod. Which now has an option for sims to wear slippers indoors as well.

I have wanted to create my own slippers for all age groups. Since I will be using them to add a wear slippers indoors option for my “Remove Shoes Indoors” script mod. Now that I have made slippers for both genders and all age groups. I can finally work towards making that option a possibility.

What It Does

These CC pieces provide your sims with stylish slippers to wear. Best worn indoors.


-For Male Toddlers, Children, Teens, YA/Adults, and Elders.

-Can be used in Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletics, Swimwear, Naked, and Career clothing categories.

-2 Custom Channes.

Polygon Counts:

-Simple Slippers Elders

LOD1: 2,716

LOD2: 242

LOD3: 108

-Simple Slippers YA/Adults

LOD1: 2,716

LOD2: 242

LOD3: 108

-Simple Slippers Teens

LOD1: 2,716

LOD2: 242

LOD3: 108

-Simple Slippers Children

LOD1: 2,728

LOD2: 234

LOD3: 116

-Simple Slippers Toddlers

LOD1: 2,716

LOD2: 242

LOD3: 108

Additional Credits:


Bloom’s amazing feet were used for my Simple Slippers Project. Without her feet, my simple slippers for males would not be complete.

CC Used to create my Simple Slippers:

Bloom’s Feet (Published on: 2022-10-18 12:00:00)

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